The fascinating world of probiotic fecal matter.

Stumbled across this article while doing some interesting research into prebiotic/probiotic use last night.  I think this article is …wellll… a little off putting  … but also rather incredibly astonishing.

If you have time, read part two of the article as well. Mindblowing stuff.

Now I have so many questions.

Could it work for those with severe IBS? Chrohns? Diverticulosis? Cealic Disease? Some Allergies? Could it restore health this way to some WLS patients who have too much inflammation of the gut & bowel and severe diahorrea caused by overgrowth?  Am I jumping the gun again?!

It won’t be this simple – right? Of course not, there may be the risk of parasitic transfer, bad gut bugs etc. And it’s a bit stomach turning to say the least. I know for me if I was suffering, it would be a very last resort desperate measure…but I think I’d risk it over the option of a bowel transplant or death.

But look at it this way – C Diff is one of the hardest infestations to cure…and this took, ONE day. ONE DAY!  Now that is mind boogling.

Not only this but the Gastroman who does these says they are seeing 90% resolve on all their C-diff cases. So one has to sit up & notice this although I suspect many medical pro’s will denounce it without a second thought.  But then – genius is often denounced, is it not?

However, it will take a very big leap in our global mindset, I think, to get past our conditionings that poo is a filthy and somewhat despicable matter riddled only with the propensity for disease.

It is strange to try to think that healthy uncontaminated poop may be the worlds best probiotic.  Makes yogurt look feeble by comparison… ;-)   :lol:

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